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Frequently Asked Questions

We've attempted to conveniently answer the most common questions regarding the Ergoneck, but if you don't see an answer to a question you have, please contact our office at 607-227-7068 or email

How does the Ergoneck work?

The Ergoneck supports your head/neck, allowing supporting muscles to relax and subsequently reducing stress on the cervical spine and likely relieving associated pain, tingling, numbness, and/or burning. When you are relaxed, you can focus on your work, instead of the pain. You may find that you can complete tasks more accurately and efficiently.

Can the Ergoneck help relieve my head and neck pain/ symptoms?

Yes! By properly supporting your head and neck using the Ergoneck, your upper trapezius and neck muscles will relax, reducing stress on the cervical spine. This will relieve symptoms/ reduce pain .

How is the Ergoneck different from other headrests?

The Ergoneck is easily adjusted in 2 directions, both vertically (up and down) and laterally (forward and back) to meet the needs of each individual user. The headrest also pivots to cradle your head and neck. What's more, the Ergoneck is portable and can be used on most office chairs.

Should the Ergoneck cause pain?

No, you should never sit in a painful position. If you are feeling pain when using the Ergoneck, you are not using it correctly. Remember, the Ergoneck must be adjusted/ readjusted to each individual person's needs. If you feel pain, the Ergoneck likely needs to be readjusted to suit your unique needs. Also, please note that it could take some time for the Ergoneck to relieve the pain-causing tightness in your muscles. The Ergoneck should not cause increased pain with use.

Can the Ergoneck help with herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, or arthritis?

The Ergoneck cannot actually correct these problems. However, because tight muscles aggravate these conditions, using the Ergoneck properly can reduce the related symptoms associated with these conditions. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE USING THE ERGONECK, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION.

Can the Ergoneck help after neck surgery?

Yes, the Ergoneck may be useful following neck surgery, as post-operatively muscles may be very tight. The better you support your head/neck, the faster your muscles relax, allowing symptoms to subside.

Can the Ergoneck help prevent head/neck pain?

Yes, proper head/neck support is very important in maintaining a healthy spine.

How do I get the most out of my Ergoneck?

For best results be sure to refer to the sections entitled Installing the Ergoneck and Proper Sitting Position in your manual and/or on the website You will want to make sure that the device is both attached correctly and that you are using it to its maximum potential.

Can I share my Ergoneck with my spouse, co-workers, etc. or put it on other chairs in my office/home?

A single Ergoneck can be used by multiple users and/or on multiple office/ computer chairs. However, it must be adjusted for each individual person and chair before use for best results.

Is the Ergoneck appropriate for children?

No, the Ergoneck is not recommended for children under 10 years of age.

Can I use Ergoneck in the car or on an airplane?

Ergoneck is NOT designed or approved for use in motor vehicle, aircraft, trains, or any other transportation. It is to ONLY be used on office chairs.

How do I clean the Ergoneck?

Clean the metal portions of the Ergoneck with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid getting unit wet. Do NOTuse commercial cleaners, such as ammonia, bleach, etc. The cover can be removed and cleaned with a gentle soap (like Woolite). Do NOT disassemble the Ergoneck to clean it.

What if I have questions about the Ergoneck. How do I contact the company?

Ergoneck is a product of LEOPARK, LLC. If you have questions or comments about the device, please email them to or call 607-227-7068 to speak directly to one of the designers.