Lance Lauchle
Lance Lauchle, Licensed Physical Therapist

Lance Lauchle, LPT, a 1986 graduate of Old Dominion University has been a physical therapist for 27 years. In 1997, he founded and currently practices at Molino Physical Therapy in Ithaca, NY, ( and is also co-owner of Morrisville Physical Therapy in Morrisville, NY. Prior to Molino, Lance practiced at Bryn Mawr Sports Medicine and Main Line Home Care in Bryn Mawr, PA. Lance has significant background in orthopedics and sports medicine.

Throughout his tenure, Lance has treated numerous patients suffering from chronic head, cervical, and shoulder pain, who work at a computer, work station, or desk. During this time, Lance realized that many treatments for these conditions are temporary (heat, manipulation, massage, acupuncture, etc) and merely focus on the acute symptoms, not the underlying cause of the pain: sitting without proper head support. Lance realized that the root of the problem needed to be addressed to truly minimize, and possibly even resolve, his patients' conditions. Thus, the idea of the Ergoneck was born. With the portable headrest concept in mind, Lance then recruited his neighbor, Fenton O'Shea, an experienced engineer, to help draw the design. Together, they created the Ergoneck headrest.

Fenton O'Shea
Fenton O'Shea, Mechanical Engineer

Fenton O'Shea has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from GMI Engineering and Management Institute and a Master of Engineering degree from Cornell University. Fenton's engineering and management-focused career has included challenging and rewarding roles in the machine tool, synchrotron, aerospace, contract packaging, automotive, and furniture industries. Fenton also has taught engineering courses for a decade, including assignments at both Tompkins County Community College and Cornell University.

Fenton always has an eye out for mechanical engineering and entrepreneurial challenges and was very excited to take on the Ergoneck project with Lance Lauchle, his longtime friend and neighbor.